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So, I have a bone to pick with Kandi Burruss: 1. Why are you so quick to move men into your house with your young daughter in there? 2. When are you going to put your mother in her place ?

Kandi is a successful woman but lawd this girl always has issues with her love life (so it seems on TV). I mean her being successful has nothing to do with her sucky love life but we actually watch her trials and tribulations. Granted we only see what’s actually recorded and who knows how long her and Todd actually been dating but why is she always moving a man in. Girl !!!! If I had a young daughter I wouldn’t move a man in unless we were 5 minutes from nuptials and honestly even then you just never know. Hell if I’m dating It would need to be very serious for me to even have the man around my child! That’s just me. Kandi just never seems to get her ass down the aisle. I’m not questioning her parenting but is this what you’re teaching your daughter. I mean relationships are always iffy. But it would need to be very serious before I consider shacking up with someone. I’m sorry times a hard and some sick ass men love little girls.

Moving right along…as if Kandi doesn’t have enough problems she always lets her mother in her business. Girl! I mean, I definitely understand seeking the words and wisdom of your mother but kandi’s mother is honestly out right disrespectful. Like girl! Who is dating this man, you or your mom? I understand her mothers concerns. I’ve heard at best Todd make maybe 200k yearly but Kandi’s net worth is in the millions, that’s a big jump. And I can understand kandi’s theory on dating men with money, I get it. But, I don’t know if it’s just me, it seems like she’s just surrounded by moochers. Her mother included. Her mother got her wig laid and now is talking out of pocket. Come on back Momma Joyce, stay in your lane! Kandi needs to move her mother a little ways away and live her life and damn it stop seeking approval! Bitch! You’re like damn near 40 get ya entire life and live it! She’s going to be manless like her mother if she keeps playing!

Side bar: I really just can’t with this reality star moms! Momma Dee, Momma Jones, Momma Joyce! Lawd!

But anywho!

Drag on!


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