Oh ok, girl

I think “oh ok, girl…” will be where I put the ridiculous things women do. I’m in no way a woman basher or anything like that, but I value my privacy and I know in the celebrity world that is damn near impossible, but when women just blatantly do outlandish things, it needs to be addressed.

Well I originally commended Paula Patton for separating from her husband because he publicly embarrassed her and I, for one, do not believe in that. Their back story is something along the lines of high school sweethearts, married for 10 years and a baby. I was scheming through ybf, because honestly I just can’t waste my time with many of the story lines, and I stumbled across a headline eluding to the fact that Paula may be reconciling with Robin. Oh ok, girl.

Now, I strongly stand for the unity that is called marriage. I believe you should fight for your marriage but I know that shit happens. Now, what you won’t do is announce that you’re separating from your husband and because your husband calls off a few shows and spends “quality time” with his child things go back to good. Well for one that’s very embarrassing. Like who ever her PR person is should be fired. I can completely understand the concept of putting it out there first before someone else can and then twist it up, but if there was ever any wavering, like if Paula could have gotten over this, then no information should have been released until a final decision has been made.

For one, Robin immediately cancelled shows. Like … From a human being stand point I understand. From a business stand point that’s unprofessional. I mean clearly he is trying to make a statement. That statement is, “my marriage is more important.” But sir a separation wasn’t needed for you to learn to put them first. I mean I know we don’t know the truth behind their circumstances but girl we saw his hand on that woman’s ass ok.

But, ok girl.

Drag on ….


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