Relevance vs. Current


When it comes to celebrities and fame, I strongly believe in relevance versus current. To me, these are two different concepts; a person can be current and not relevant and a relevant person can not be current.

Relevant is a strong case of who is constantly being checked for. Who does the public strongly want to see. Well, obviously this may change from person and by culture, but as far as I am concerned I believe in pop culture I can name who is relevant and I’ll even be nice and fair and name who is relevant to others that I would never check for.

Current is who can be here today and gone tomorrow. A lot of celebrities are current right now but if for some reason they decide to take the smallest break no one will question their absence. That is the major difference between current and relevant.

I was a very avid reader of however some of the stories are about the most irrelevant people. People who aren’t even current and all I can do is sigh and close the page. I understand, blog sites have to be fair and report on celebrity news. But I am selective about the gossip I consume myself with and entertain. For instance, today they had a post about what Kyla Pratt did over the weekend. Ok, girl no. No one cares about her going to a boutique. I mean honestly I was more interested in the fact that she was able to, yet again, hide another pregnancy. That right there shows you no one is interested. She is neither current nor relevant and that moment I wasted reading that bs could have been spent on something far better.

But I digress…

Drag on!


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