WHAT YOU WON’T DO: Whatever helps you sleep at night…


(photo from theybf.com)

So, I am not a huge Mary Mary fan but while browsing theybf.com (again), I stumbled across an article about Tina Campbell from the group Mary Mary talking about how she accepts her role and part of way her husband cheated.


oh ok, girl.

First of all, if we are talking about a failed relationship, fine, you can completely accept responsibility for that. However, what you won’t do is set your self up for the backlash and ridicule you will surely receive from saying something so damn ridiculous. Like you should be embarrassed, that’s first and then you have the nerve to be your husbands scapegoat. Oh fucking girl.

Your husband is a grown man, that is first. There is nothing you could have done or could do that will change the fact that your husband cheated on you. If he was unhappy then he could have told you this relationship was no longer working or even just talked to you. So,  the ever lasting fuck, what you may have argued with him. Relationships have arguments sweety.  An argument does not justify infidelity, they aren’t even in the same lane. Girl, where are your friends — no where is your PR person telling you NOOOOO!!! Why would you say that in a damn interview? Your PR person should be fired for allowing that to be released. It was pure blasphemy.

I honestly feel like there is NOTHING a woman can do to make a MAN feel small, unless you have a small and insecure man. Ladies, men are too damn prideful to feel SMALL.  Honestly, I couldn’t even read the entire story because it just sound ridiculous, like girl stop. Your man cheated NEXT.

But, if this helps you sleep at night girl then I don’t know what to tell you. You may want to go shop for self esteem or something girl.

Drag on!


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