Ok, well girl ….

(Picture from googling Porsha Stewart)

Ok, well in the words of Gary with the Tea, it’s a sad sad day y’all. Truly we need to lift lil Porsha Stewart up in prayer! If you aren’t familiar with Porsha she is some self proclaimed mini heiress of some sorts, I guess. She’s on the tv show REAL HOUSE WIVES OF ATLANTA and has been going through a messy ass divorce with her now ex-husband Kordell Stewart. He played football for some team. Well, anyway, I originally heard this story from Gary with the Tea on the Ricky Smiley show, but I never trust his information so I googled it myself because I was so baffled.

So as I said Porsha has been going through a messy divorce and honey the verdict is in. According to TMZ they reached a settlement and basically bay-beeeee Porsha is walking out with NOTHING. She supposedly keeps her engagement ring and her jewels and clothing but that is all. No house. No money. No alimony. And Kordell walks away with everything he came with, mansions and plots and cars. He made out like a fat rat.

As messy as that divorce was I’m sure it was stressful on poor Porsha. I believe I heard in the past few days (or weeks) that she may be dating someone new. Well first of all, that marriage didn’t last long, at all. I think maybe a year so … But, at any rate, if I were her I would be mortified. Girl! Like what type of prenup did you have?! Who negotiated for you? I mean I guess you honestly weren’t around long enough to earn anything but the embarrassment alone should have won you at least 10k a month in alimony. Like BITCHHHHH you have to pay off your own credit card bills. Like in this case it was not cheaper to keep her for Kordell. It was cheaper to let her ass go!

First of all the gay rumors you started. Like you started these rumors, which even if I could believe them, basically said you knew your man was on the DL and you still messed with him. Girl! Even if that was true that’s you’re dumb ass fault. Ok. Do I think Porsha will struggle? No. Do I think she may have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle and now she’s screwed? Absolutely. Porsha displayed herself as a loyal and happily married woman. A dingbat trophy wife. It’s almost as if she relies on her good looks. Girl! We are going to need to find you some substance to get you a bit further in life.

My suggestion for Porsha – stay on housewives as long as you can. Do not bring your man on there. Save your money, don’t go out frivolously spending your coins! Invest in lucrative businesses, like it’s important to have your own. I mean, that weave selling business, that’s cute. But you’re the grandchild of a civil rights activist. I need you to do way better. And honey this is only the beginning ok.

Well, congrats Kordell girl because seriously you made out.

Drag on!


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