Ooh (10k) Baby!

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Alright! So I’ve been gone for a few days and I am back! Let’s get into this juice!!!

So, I heard that Ludacris’ break baby momma is getting a whooping 10k a month in child support. Like I am not at all against a woman seeking child support especially if the man isn’t willing to step up I get that but let’s look at who is REALLY benefiting here. Like there are women out here getting $200 for child support and making it work! There is NO REASON this woman needs 10K to take care of a baby!

Now, I mean these women, celebrity baby Mommas, are getting over and I really feel like the child is often forgotten. There are women out here literally getting pennies and are able to take care if their kids. Part of me feels like if I man is willing to step up and take care of his kid and able to coparent why must you drag him through the wringer !!! Regardless if you have a baby everything else, housing, food, lifestyle and such you would have to provide yourself any damn way! Seriously I can’t respect a woman who is so hell bent on getting a mans neck she goes above and beyond. Total disregard of the child.

Another thing, if a father has joint custody of the child why would the mother ever need 10k? First of all … The father can do for his child whenever he wants. He can provide for his child outside of child support. 10k is excessive and honestly should be reevaluated. I think she’s more out for herself than the baby. Girl don’t be pathetic !

Drag the fuck on!


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