Recap: Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 Episodes 1!

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I know I said I would review each episode of Love and Hiphop:Atlanta and I’ve seriously fallen behind. Hell, we are already 3 episodes into the season. So…. let’s just jump right into it.

Episode 1:

Right from the beginning we see who is indeed winning. JOSELINE!!! Mimi stayed with Stevie and got nothing but a damn baby and while most of us can agree that’s a blessing — girl. 15 years. No ring. No mansion. Nothing. A baby. So 1 for sidehoes. Giving mistresses hope one hoe at a time.

It’s great to see Kirk step up and help out with a baby he is constantly doubting. It appears as though Kirk and Rasheeda put aside their marital issues to deal with the bigger issue, baby Karter. Who is the cutest little chocolate drop! The fact that Kirk is questioning this baby because of his complexion …as if his wife isn’t a warm caramel color is beyond me.

Moving on along, they haven’t yet gotten into Tammy’s story yet but we shall see how this plays out. I’m interested in how her story line will play out. From the trailer it seems like it will be the typical, music star boyfriend, groupie hoes, and full time girlfriend/fiancee at home deal. Nothing new or special.

Next, we see Mimi and unless you’ve been living under a rock you know exactly what’s going on with her! In this episode we first see Mimi speaking with her man, Nikko, confiding in him about how comfortable she is with him and how comfortable she is recording their sex sessions. In a later scene we see her talking to Erica and Arian and telling them how much she trusts (snake ass) Nikko and how they have been recording their sex sessions and how she fully trusts Nikko. As if she spoke to soon the very next scene Nikko tells her that in his luggage that was stolen and his camera, which had their sex session recorded on it, was also in that bag. Mimi goes through the motions. She’s upset, she’s concerned about her daughter she’s worried. I would love to sympathize with Mimi, but I can’t. Her man set her up and she’s too much of a dumb ass to realize it. I can’t wait to see how this whole ordeal plays out. Not to mention that I’ve seen the sex tape. It was horrible, so….

We then see Scrappy entertaining a new hoodrat. Is it me or is every female friend he have “a little homie”. My understanding is that Bambi tried to be on another reality series and just did not make the cut. Perhaps she’s a realty hoe – jumping from show to show until she lands a spot?

Erica and Arian attending the party?! What type of friends are they? Yes, I know they asked Mimi would she be upset if they went and I understand that they are also friends with Stevie J but why are they questioning Joseline? Mimi is so pressed to say how she is so over Stevie but she’s the first bird perched up on the branch when they report back and then they send poor Joseline a stripper pole!! She was so excited until she realized who it came from! Mimi those who live in glass houses should not be first to cast the stone! You aren’t but a missed paycheck away from being a prostitute your damn self! The epic part of the show is Joseline telling Stevie how she won’t entertain his SHENANIGANS, I died.

Needless to say, I wanted MORE. Much more and we got more on Wednesday for that second Episode.
Join me as I recap each episode and I will try to do it as soon as possible! What were your thoughts on this episode?

Let me know and Drag on!


One thought on “Recap: Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 Episodes 1!

  1. I thought it could have been better. Bambi is a tv show side bitch and by this I mean she gets a small roll on a show but gets no love in the credits! #shameful

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