I do!

(From Monifah’s IG)

So, if you keep up with TV One reality series “R&B Diva’s Atlanta” then you are definitely up to date on the moments leading up to Monifah and Terez’s wedding. The couple wed in February in an intimate ceremony in Hawaii! Well, the photos were just released and let me just say I was blown away by Monifah’s dress! It was amazing, truly! I’m not, at all, upset that her dress is black because this wasn’t a traditional wedding. While I do love a good traditional wedding, I’m extremely open to non traditional weddings, especially if the couple can make it work for them! And they did. My only quarrel is that Terez’s dress or pants (because you can’t really tell) wasn’t equally as amazing and it wasn’t black. It appears navy or so and I don’t particularly care for that combination; but, she could have been going for subtle to let Monifah steal the spot light!

Either way, well played ladies. I hope they have a wonderful marriage! And future together!

Sidebar: It is gay pride month! Lovely timing for the photos to be released!


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