I Found you Miss. NEW Booty

(Photo’s snagged from their individual Instagrams. Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Nya Lee, Blac Chyna, Deelishis)

Back in the day Pamela James from Martin was “Ms. Junk in da trunk” and even Jenny from the block was considered to have great ASSests. However, we’ve come a long way from those days.

Now people almost worship a nice silicone booty and for those who can’t afford a proper Brazilian buttlift, they turn to hotel room booty parties. I personally don’t care either way, within reason. If you can afford to have it done properly and have it look natural, go for it, I would. But why lie? I’ve never joined the great debate with whether or not Blac Chyna’s assets were real but her throw back pics definitely show she’s been dragging junk in her wagon. But Kim and Khloe *insert serious side eye*. If you paid for your new ass that’s fine but don’t insult anyone’s intelligence insinuating you’ve always had an ass when we’ve watched you for years with no ass. Nya Lee (though I am not quite sure who she is or what she does) admits to her going to see famed Dr. Curve. Her figure is fake but pleasing. Deelishis, who some may remember as a contestant on the Flava Flav dating show, has recently been dragged because some pictures show all her assets and some show a lack there of.

Thoughts? Would you consider a butt augmentation?

Drag on !


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