Natural Minis: Blue Blue

(Snagged from IG)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know people are causing an uproar because of one of the latest pictures of Baby Blue Ivy’s “unmaintaned” tresses. I’m a natural and I believe I’m leaving a child’s hair as natural as possible and I am also aware of the damage hair ties and hair bows can cause. I believe this child is receiving the utmost care, so was creating a petition necessary ?!

So for as long as Baby Blue has been Baby Blue she has always been a natural mini and being a natural I obviously approve.  People will always have their choice words about what others should do with their child as if there is a book of rules and guidelines. So, it comes to no surprise to me that people have so much to say about what’s not their business. In fact this post isn’t even about Blue. This is about people biases. The only reason Blue’s hair is deemed unkempt is because it isn’t fine, shiny, “pretty” hair. If her hair was a little shiny-er and her curls were more defined versus kinky no one would have anything to at about her curly fro. And it’s sad. I see natural haired women who’s hair looks unkempt and it is not to say that it actually is however that’s the look they were going for and more often than not they look beautiful.

I have personally never had a problem with Blue’s hair because if I had a child in all honesty their hair would probably look the same, twists, fros, and maybe some days a little less shiny. Maybe I expect more from “our people. ” No shade to those who enjoy the creamy crack, it’s not my cup of tea. But at least be consistent. Don’t pick on “nappy hair” children. If your reason is it should be done just because it should be done then have that same opinion about a fine hair stray -a-ways or a unmanaged Curley crowns.

Drag on…..


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