Breakup to makeup ?

So, last week, maybe even two weeks ago, the internet (Instagram) went wild because there was speculation that maybe Chris Brown and Karreuche broke up. Typically for show shit, delete all the pictures, unfollow, posting subgrams… The usual dramatics. But why?

I’ve never been a fan of posting my private life online ( I learned the hard way). But even if I did, I wouldn’t post or make a scene when I have one of those small break ups(people still do that? Being an adult in an adult relationship, break up every 5 mins). I wouldn’t even do it if I had a big break up! So why do stars always do this? I never spend time or even bother to entertain this type of stuff because we know they will get back together and that’s even if they actually broke up to begin with. Does anyone know why people act like they are in a High school relationship?

Question: if you post several pictures of your partner and you guys break up would you go through the hassle of deleting everything ?

With love,



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