Ok girl reality TV has completely just gone so far and I blame the  Real World, they started this shit. Mona is making a hefty dollar off of people who clearly need a check.  If you aren’t familiar with Mona you must be familiar with Love and HipHop and a host of other ratchet ass shows. I’m so over it but I also can’t pull myself from the TV. Like, I have to keep watching and I have no clue why I can’t stop watching. Let me tell you exactly what I don’t like…First of all Mimi Faust, I detest her. Her boyfriend leaked their “home video” which anyone with eyes (including a blind man) can see that this was a full porn production. She’s a mother of a little girl who is going to grow up and see her mother on a sex tape. And I know, Kim K has a sex tape and a new baby but her tape came out years before she had this baby. Mimi’s child is 4! And then she acts so dumb founded on the show, it’s ridiculous.

There is a woman named Altheia on the show who’s acting is so poor. In general I just can’t take this show, their antics usually leave me floored and highly annoyed.

Then, there is The Bad Girls Club which for the life of me I don’t know what the purpose is. I thought the purpose of the show was so the girls could get their live together but instead they go and try to see who is the baddest and who can run the house and they end up looking like fools.

Anyway, these shows are poorly scripted and it’s erking my nerves the lengths these people will go for a dollar.

With Love, Tania

PS. Yes, I do watch these shows for entertainment because it amuses me that women and men can act this foolishly on national TV.


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