I know why Side Hoes are winning…

I know why side hoes are winning and no, it is not because I am a side hoe.  In my 20-something years here on this thing called earth, I have had my fair share of romance and heartache. Honestly, more heartache than romance, however it didn’t come with out aplenty of lessons.  Because of this, I can honestly say I know why side hoes are winning.

Let me tell you why…

1. More often than not, a side hoe knows she is a side hoe. She knows she is not the “main” and her highest priority is becoming the main. Believe that. Side hoes will go to infinity and beyond to take the mains spot. In  side hoes mind if he (or she) isn’t faithful then he or she isn’t happy and that means there is room for improvement  and by improvement I mean there is room for a new girl aka said side hoe.

2. Because side hoes are so willing to go above and beyond to claim someone else’s spot they will cook a good meal, run bath water, lend money, give the finest of head, treat a man (or woman) like a king or queen.  They are going to do any and everything in their power to provide what someone is missing a home.  They aren’t going to nag, they are going to be appreciative of the time spent – even if it is a little time.  And most times, they don’t get much in return except maybe a fun ride in the sheets.  This almost makes them appealing, right?  In lame men’s terms, this is called a honeymoon phase and only a fool would fall for this ok. Of course she’s doing all of this! She’s not comfortable yet, she’s trying to impress you.

PAUSE: Just because I am saying SHE doesn’t mean SIDE HOE is exclusive to women, a side hoe can be a man!  RESUME.

This sounds appealing though, right? Someone who is willing to give you so much and ask for so little; except, maybe, the occasional request for you to drop your family and be with them. Who wouldn’t want to be with someone with an offer this “sweet”?  Come and go as you please. Shoooooot!

This is why side hoes are winning because they have extremely low expectations.

And women allow this and trust me, I can speak on this. Women accept this and make this acceptable.  People don’t want to work and strive for a healthy relationship now-a-days. They just don’t want to put in the work and they expect everything to be handed to them. They expect everything to just happen. Women want to be loved so bad sometimes that they will accept any love given and not necessarily the love deserved. I know this because I was once that girl. I accepted any love given to me and it wasn’t always the good kind of love. It was a toxic and harmful love. You see how all of this is linked?

I will post later about the new trend of women and their low expectations. But for now, you’ve been warned. Side hoes are winning. This is how.

With Love,



8 thoughts on “I know why Side Hoes are winning…

  1. Very Accurate. Very Funny. Not that I’m defending the side hoe’s…but isn’t it equally the person who has a main chicks fault? For every side hoe with low expectations is a selfish cheater.

    1. I completely agree. I’ve just noticed or heard people saying “side hoes are winning ” and honestly they are. I’m not saying it’s right or it’s this or that persons fault. I just feel strongly that this is why they are winning. I think people forget relationships take work. And these are all short cuts.

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