Imagine this,  you live in a town where in order to meet people you have to speed date. Not to bad right? Here’s the punch, you’re blind folded. You can’t see the person you are conversing with and you can’t describe yourself to them. All you can do is hold a conversation and get to know the person.  You can talk to them as much as you want but you can’t see them until you are certain you want to date this person. In fact you don’t see them until you are on your first day. How do you think that would go?

I’m curious how this would work. Would the relationship last longer or would marriages last longer? Now, my reason for asking this is because I was on someone blog and throughout the entire blog they state the type of women they like. Educated, black, in shape, no children and this is set in stone. I don’t think people should settle for less than what they deserve but is it possible that the preferences people have could be what is actually holding them back or stopping them from finding love?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with having preferences – hell, I have them but sometimes I venture outside of those preferences just to see what else is (well, was, as I am taken) out there. So anyway, this woman rants about how she’s single, how it is so hard to find this person or that person and I’m wondering what if the person you’re meant to be with is someone who doesn’t exactly fit your preferences. And I guess what I am referring to is on the physical aspect.

My biggest pet peeve is when people say that they really date people based on their personality. I do think that personality plays a big part in dating however you can’t be attracted to someones personality on the street because you don’t know them. You go based on what you find attractive. Maybe you are pulled in by their aura, I don’t know but not their personality that’s for sure.  Physical things can change and maybe if people take the physical aspects out of the equation they may find what they are looking for.

Just a thought.

With love,


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