5 things I learned on my Positive Journey!

So, those who know me know that I have been on a journey to turn my life from the negative to the positive. I was once a lost soul who struggled with depression, sadness and pessimism. While I am certainly not found I am on my way. The universe is not done with me yet and as they say, I am a work in progress.

So, here is a short list of what I have learned along the way.


1. “If you are going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill.
Bayyyyybe, when I tell you there is a light, believe me. It will seem hard, no one will ever fully understand, but once you’ve learned your lesson ( we will come back to this in point 2) you will see the world in a whole new light. You are only going THROUGH hell which means there is an end. You are not stuck in hell. So suck it up and keep chucking. It does get better.

2. When, and only when, you learn your lesson will the struggle be over.
There is a lesson in every struggle. A financial struggle, a relationship struggle, hell, a LIFE struggle. The struggles are our teacher. Once you’ve realized what there is to learn from your struggle and once you have truly learned from it then your struggle will slowly dissipate. If you feel like your struggle has gone on for years, that is because you haven’t learned your lesson yet. If you have been financially struggling for years and you haven’t learned to set up a rainy day account yet then …. I’m assuming you’ll understand this point.

3. You won’t be every ones cup of tea.
Face it, you won’t and that is ok. Honestly that’s not even your problem. As long as you love the flavor of tea that you are then you are good to go. Worrying about how other people feel and why they do the things that they do that may hurt your feelings is a question you’ll never really have answered. As long as you’re a good person and you do good, good will come back to you.

4. Being is tiresome.
Swear to GOD! Being upset and mad and mean all the time I tiresome. It takes entirely too much effort. It wears you down. It may take a while for it to wear you down, but it will. Believe me!

5. Decide to be happy and positive, every day.
Once you decide this or when you decide you’ll see the good in everything it will become a habit. And I’m not saying you won’t have your moments because you will. But I am saying that once you form this habit of thinking positive your life will change. You won’t be so angry and upset and things just seem to be easy. You’re not as anxious and you will enjoy the small things, like just a stranger being kind.

This is not a overnight change. This is a constant change. It is an ongoing process. No one will understand your struggles. That doesn’t lessen them or make them ridiculous. They are yours not for anyone else. And screw the people who say “someone has it worse than you” bc that also isn’t your concern, no matter how true it may be. That’s just the honest truth. Once you’ve overcome your struggle that phrase will be easier to understand. Easier to handle. Until then, screw them.

It does get better. Learn your lesson. Move forward.

Hopefully this helps!

With love,


5 thoughts on “5 things I learned on my Positive Journey!

  1. Love your post!!
    Totally upset that you aren’t showing up for some reason on my feeds when I go on wordpress so I have to look you up even though I’m following you. Which makes me always late to comment when you post things but always happy to read your post.

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