So, I stumbled on a blog of a writer named K. A. Smith (You can find her here) and she write black lesbian erotica. So I went to Kindle (I have this thing where I can’t break the spine of a book, so Kindle will do for me) and bought one of her short stories titled Parking. I really enjoyed it!

Now, it did leave a lot up to the imagination because I would have enjoyed if it went a little further but I also understand why it didn’t. The story was written very well and  it was  realistic. Not over the top like some stories are.

Over all, I give this short short 4-stars, like I said I really would have enjoyed it being a little longer but other than that it was very enjoyable.

So, head over to Amazon and purchase your copy and enjoy!

With Love,

Please note: These are my opinions and my ratings as a regular reader. I am an ordinary person who enjoys a good read. 


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