I’ve been noticing lately that women have no problem displaying their insecurities in public especially when it comes to their relationships. What is it about women that makes them do that? I, for one, am not with out insecurities but I would never let anyone on that I may have them.

We all have insecurities about one this or another but would you act out in public, being possessive, being rude to stake claim on what’s yours? When people do that it lets me know that they are worried that their man or woman can be taken (and in theory and with the right amount of effort I’m sure that could happen to anyones spouse) and that they aren’t secure in their relationship.

I’ve dealt with my share of cheating women but I would never act a fool or be rude to anyone who I think could be interested in my woman to stake claim on what’s mine. If I know my relationship is secure why do I need to act out. That lets me know that you have cause for concern and that your household isn’t sturdy. Perhaps having a moderate level of insecurities is acceptable but would you display it? I’m weird about things like that, I never want anyone to know the ins and outs of my relationship.

How do you handle your insecurities?  While I’m thinking about it, and this will be a topic for another day, why do people act like its impossible to be friends after a relationship or with someone you’ve previously had sexual relations with. Care to comment on that?

With Love,



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