Friends… How many of us have them?

I take friendships very seriously. I always have, even as a young child. Honestly, maybe as a child I was a little too desperate for friends. I yearned to be the popular girl,and, well , never in life have I achieved that. However, with the few friends I do have I cherish them. I’ve been stabbed in the back by friends, abandoned by friends, maybe even misled by friends. But I am loyal and I am forgiving. If I deem you as a friend to me I take it very seriously. That is why the loss of a friendship is s hard for me. When I grew up and learned about Sex and the city I knew that that was the type of women I would want around me. To have a group of friends to party with and travel with. Honestly most things are best done in groups. But, here I am, 27, with about as many friends as I can count on a hand and a half. Friends are better in quality not quantity and that’s a lesson I have come to learn over the years.



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