Fake Gay…girl

Do you know who Erica Mena is? Neither do I. All I know is that she was or is on LHHNYC and she was supposed to be dating Rich Dollas. Well first she came on trying to be his artist or something, fighting people in  one season. The next season I think they may have been a couple, the season after that she had a girlfriend. As soon as the gays get someone they start luring them in to do appearances and things of that nature. I think she even participated in Sweetheat 2014 (an all girl gay pride in Miami that takes place in May). Now, only shy of 4 months later, she is engaged to Bow Wow. You do remember him right.

Here’s the thing, so are you bisexual or gay or what? I really don’t like when celebrities pull the gay card, trying to remain or become relevant. There is a whole bunch of people who are actually gay and are faced with questions like, “is this a phase” or “you weren’t born that way” because people constantly pull these type of stunts. It’s quite annoying.  Le Sigh. I guess.

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3 thoughts on “Fake Gay…girl

  1. The TV producers will do almost anything to raise rating. They will pull the gay card to stir controversy, ratings skyrocket and the actors move on with their unscripted lives. It reminds me of The Spice Girls’ Scary Spice, who said recently that her “lesbian phase” was just that. She was one of those girls kissing girls and in a relationship with a woman for something like five years; however, now she is happily married. Someone commented on that piece: “Five years is a long time to be in a phase.”

    Fake gay girls or guys make it difficult for us genuine LGBTQ folks to be taken seriously, I concur.

    1. I never knew that about Scary Spice. And i loved her. I expected it out Sporty spice. It defintely makes it hard and it ia rediculous at the lengths people go for publicity. Recently, Andrew Caldwell screaming , ” I AM DELIVERED. IM NOT GAY NO MORE” a blind man could see the truth.

      1. Me, too! I thought all the Spice Girls were spicy…especially Scary! Now, I hadn’t heard about Andrew Caldwell, but that type of media event is disheartening, I’ll admit. Its aim is to turn back time on gay being a disorder, something you can swallow a pill and cure. Go on a retreat, blink and you’re forever changed. Yep, right. And still life, love and the truth march on…

        Have a wonderful week, Tania!

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