Book Review: 69

Title : 69 [ Can be purchased here]

Author: Fallon

Genre: Urban Lesbian Fiction

Review: I stumbled upon this book, I am not quite sure how I found it. This is part 1 of a 3 part series.  The book was a short but good read. It has a good plot around a  lesbian serial killer and focuses mainly around Redd who is a stud and is the team leader of her group at Firehouse 69. Within the group some of the team members face their own dramas including Redd but the most of the drama is around the serial killer, a budding love affair and the all too familiar crazy ex girlfriend. My only flaw so far is the characters names. I know it is a small thing and honestly has nothing to do with the actual book but in general I don’t like when people become “creative” with names and start spelling them a little crazy and so stumbling over the characters names is a big deal for me. Hell, some of the characters I can’t even figure out what their names are so I just read over it.  Over all, I would recommend it. It is a short read so  to me it’s like “why not make this one book instead of 3 parts,” but I am sure there is a reason ($$) somewhere along the line.

I would recommend this as a quick read. I need to read part two but this was a break book for me. A book I read in between reading a larger novel.

Rating: 4-Stars.

EDIT 10/21/2014: I tried to  get into the second book but the name ordeal became a big problem for me. I have no desire to read it (because I am stumbling over the horrible names) so there won’t be a review on the next too books unless I actually decide to read it.


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