Lesbians and their time management …

I know nothing about the courtship of a heterosexual relationship. Hell, I know nothing about the courtship of a homosexual relationship as it pertains to men. But I DO know about lesbians and their lack of courting. I don’t know if it is just me but lesbians have a reputation of moving very fast (u-hauling on the second date) and while this is mostly not true (only the u-hauling part) it is still equally true. I know, that sounds crazy, oxymoronish maybe. But, they do (from what I’ve witnessed) move extremely fast  sans the  moving in part. But hell maybe by date five they may have moved in.

So, are other relationships like this? I mean, I understand the honeymoon phase is nice and should last a while but when that effortless relationship requires some effort will it still be appealing? Will that be a sign that maybe your relationship is falling apart? Relationships take work. And, you can be with someone forever and still not know them how you may think. People are evolving creatures. They change all the time. So can you be ready to lock down your life with someone you’ve only known for six months ?

I’ve asked this because I have witness via social media, and real life, lesbians getting into these relationships and before they’ve even made it to a year anniversary they are engaged and claiming someone else’s children (Lesbians LOVE claiming other peoples children). Now I will say this, I do not think you can put a timeline on love. Let me repeat that, I DO NOT THINK YOU CAN PUT A TIMELINE ON LOVE, however I do think that if you feel strongly about someone and a relationship and you think this could be it then why rush?  I am in a relationship, happy and healthy. It requires effort but loving her is effortless. I do feel like she could be “THE ONE” but I have no intentions on rushing it. Why? These feelings are premature and I want to give them time to evolve and grow.  Good things take time and I have no desire to rush it. I say this and honestly I’m hoping like hell to settle down soon but even if she were to ask me to marry her tomorrow  several months shy of a year commitment, I would say yes but that engagement will linger well  into a three year mark.

I’ve also noticed that lesbians do not take the time to nurture their feelings and they do not give time to put in the actual work in a relationship. Once it gets “hard” or once it becomes a burden they are ready to drop it and move onto the next honeymoon phase. So, I ask, what is this timeline  that these lesbians are following? This question was mostly derived from a book (a horrible book might I add) that I am reading and also a blog post I saw where a couple has only been together a little over a year and are already married.  In the book (which I may review at a later date because the amazon reviews are just not accurate) the main character Dena meets and falls for and mentally commits herself to women upon meeting them. Yes, I know, this is a book but dammit if there isn’t some truth in this.

So what has the fire under these lezzie’s asses? I’m curious because I need to know if they know something I do not. Thought I wish I was at a different point in my life and thought I yearn to be engaged, married and pregnant, I also know that no good is going to come out of rushing. So, I’m just dying to know how all these rushed relationships turn out.


9 thoughts on “Lesbians and their time management …

  1. I had one of those relationships. It was long distance so it was either move in together or break up. We moved in within a few months of being together, had a further year and half of a very passionate relationship, but it ultimately ended. We didn’t have a strong enough foundation. If we had we would never have moved in together because we’d have known we weren’t really compatible. Never again.

    1. Sometimes I find that being in a long distance relationships put you at an advantage. It puts you far enough to build and create a solid foundation. And it gives you the space you need to see the relationship for what it is because long distance requires a great deal of emotional work and trust.

  2. This is so true! I really can’t understand people who are into rushed relationships. My last girlfriend wanted us to be exclusive 5 days after our first meeting. She claimed to be really into me after 2 weeks and I broke up with her 3 days before our monthsary. I just could not take all the rushing and pressuring. Loving someone takes time to mature and grow and even more so for marriage.

  3. I would say I am in such a relationship. Well a little bit of it. We got to know each other for at least 2 months before dating and that built our foundation. We started dating and courting and primarily still knowing each other,heck we never even got intimate until after the 3rd month. We said we love each other probably in the 4th/5th month. We take everything step by step, so effortlessly,growing together and always trying to understand each other. We still spend nights and days at each others places and we wont move in at least until next year. when I met her I knew I wanted to get to know her and I still am, that’s why I have a ring on my finger after 10 months and I love how we are growing together,pushing each other,challenging each other and just loving what we have. Anyway my point is if something feels right and you know you want it in your life then go ahead and do what feels right to you. If you are experiencing love that is changing your life beautifully then doing what you feel in your heart despite the timing must be true,right?

    1. So, i partically agree, if sonething feels good you shouls definitly go after it. But if in 5 years you’ve felt this way 5 times that makes me wonder whats really going on. I believe there are exceptions to this. However, I feel like even at 10 months you are still in a honeymoon phase where things are still fresh and new and delightful. I chatted( literally) with my gf for about two months before agreeing to go on a date. We dated for 5 months and 5 days before putting a title on anything. We were intimate but not sexual for almost 5 months as well. I was in no rush. Even still, early on i knew she was going to change my life. And she has. And even months shy of a year, if she was to ask for my hand i would say yes. But it would be a lengthy engagement. I already gave her a two year plan. Meaning we wont even entertain cohabitating before that time. Im getting to know her. And i want to continue to do so. But im not going to shack up and claim anyones kids repeatily. And thats more so what i am addressing. People who do this as a habit.

      1. I actually agree with you.

        I do hope you and she continue getting to know each other. I think it’s the most interesting part of a relationship. 🙂

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