Pineapples !

So, my pineapple worked. And if you’re a naturalista you know what I am talking about ! My pineapple never works. And I do believe, even though I am neat as possible when doing my flat twists , that the reason it worked this time was because I sat under the drier and really set my twists and the perm rods.

I’ve been natural almost 10 years now. And thought I’ve been without the creamy crack, I haven’t been without the chi iron! Therefore I have a substantial amount of heat damage *cringe*. I have been without heat ( mostly) since about March of this year. Which is a big deal because I usually get my hair done every one or two weeks. Depending on the style.

I want BIG hair and because I’ve gained (so much) weight bigger hair really looks nicer on my face aside from the fact that I’m really crushing on these big haired naturalistas! But twisting my hair every single night is dreadful. So I was so happy that for the first time the pineapple method worked. Saved time this morning and looks good. But tonight I’ll need to twist.


4 thoughts on “Pineapples !

    1. So, the pineapple method is the act of pulling all your curls forward to the crown of your head and loosely securing it. It helps stretch your hair and also helps preserve your curls overnight. It saved me 45 mins at night and 20 minutes the next morning!

      1. Me either and for the last few months I had twists and just kept getting them done. Twisting every night is the worst but it’s the only way to look decent very day. Lol.

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