Here’s the thing…with homophobia

I think “Here’s the thing” will become a rant section because  that’s exactly what is about to happen. It is 2014 and I am so sick and tired of people putting their homophobic energy out into the atmosphere! I stumbled upon a homophobic post (which you can find here … because I have zero fucks to give) and it just disgusts me and let me just tell you why…

I respect peoples religious beliefs they may not be my own but still I respect theirs. But,  when it comes to homophobia I just have a zero tolerance for the bullshit. In general, people pick and choose what they want to be straight and narrow about and SOME religious folks pick and choose of all the equally weighed sins being gay or ACTING on your homosexual feelings is the greatest sin of all, it is an abomination and a host of other negative feelings. All sins are EQUAL and you should not harshly judge anyone because they sin differently than you. And ok, we can all agree that murdering someone is wrong, but when it comes down to what’s judged at the pearly gates, it is just the same as having premarital sex, so…  Some (I have to keep saying some because I know it is not all, but still a great amount) religious people are by far the most judgmental people and I simply cannot.

They get upset when they feel like homosexuals are “forcing” their sexuality upon them. Here’s the thing sis, don’t you think perhaps we feel the same way. I can’t go anywhere without seeing straight couples holding hands, kissing, with their kids and just being human and no one looks at them twice. However, if I go out with my girlfriend people may do double takes, stare at her, frown or any combination of rude and ignorant gestures.  I want to go out and enjoy my time with my love just as anyone else.  So why people have reactions is beyond me. There is NOTHING wrong with receiving and reciprocating love.  Love is a wonderful thing. And you should accept it because it is a gift. And if the love gifted to me is from someone of the same sex then so be it because guess what girl it’s a lot more than what you are receiving from your three baby daddies and bae.

When it really get’s to the bottom of all of this, it just is NOT anyones business. And the sooner people start minding their business and stop concerning themselves with things that do not concern them the world would be a better place. Gay marriage is not a concern to you if you are not gay, if you are married, if you aren’t looking to be married, if you are not in a relationship or looking to be in a relationship with someone who is of the same sex. What this means is gay marriage doesn’t concern you and you shouldn’t be so moved or fearful of something you do not have to be apart of or deal with. Just as your pregnancy has nothing to do with me. How would people who are pro-choice feel if a host of pro-life people had to vote on a law that doesn’t concern them and they got stuck with having to have unwanted babies. It’s sort of like that.  Why would people who don’t have to get married to the same sex have to vote if same sex couples should get married. Do you see the injustice here?

I just want people to get over themselves because there is nothing to fear. I like women, yes. But I like gay women. Women are nice to look at but approach a woman who does not like women is just pointless because I just don’t have that type of time or energy to waste, mmmkay?!

So, just stop with that homophobic talk because girl it’s 2014 and you should just hang that right on up there with that women in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant and black women are on the bottom of the power chain type talk because sis, I am just not here for that!

With love,



10 thoughts on “Here’s the thing…with homophobia

  1. It’s funny that you find my blog post as ‘homophobic’ because there’s nothing in it that discusses being scared of gays. That is the definition of homophobic. There’s also no judgement or saying that ‘this sin is worst than that sin!’. In fact it only talks about how the Target ad is just flat out lying. Let’s be real: two people of the same sex can’t produce children.
    Please do not let your emotions read more into what was actually typed.
    It was only discussed the FACTS of the lifestyle. If you can’t handle or accept the facts, that’s completely up to you. It doesn’t change the truth.
    But thank you for linking it! And thank you for taking the time read to it and have discussion because I immensely enjoyed it!

    1. I read your article and being a homosexual female I found it distasteful because my partner and I will have children together and raise them together. And that is a fact. How you have or conceive the children do not make them any less yours. Furthermore, it is just a Target ad, no one is digging that deep into how the child was conceived. If my egg is implanted into my partner we are having a child together. Genetically it is not her child but the law would see her as the birth mother of that child.

      Furthermore, you went on to say “as Catholics, of course we don’t agree with homosexuality,” which is fine, that is your personal belief. Then, “Two women attempting to proclaim that they are going to have a child is foolish,” which I found judgmental and rude because there is nothing foolish about me and my partner attempting to have a child or any other homosexual couple attempting to have a child. Is it foolish when you and your spouse attempt? As if you couldn’t get any worse, you then went on to say how homosexuality has negative health risk. HERE’S THE THING honey, any one who has sex is putting themselves at risk for STDs and STI. Do not make it seem as though the only people who contract these diseases are homosexuals. There are hundred of gay and straight people walking amongst us with various sexually transmitted diseases. Where is this proof that homosexual lifestyle is non beneficial?

      The bottom-line is , I am sure you want to feel as if your doing your life’s work and picking to piece a target commercial, but what you’re doing is speaking out of term about something your kind know nothing about. I understand that you don’t “judge” being homosexual but you don’t believe people should act on it. I would love to see you not “act on” being heterosexual. Because that is natural and “acceptable” and without sin. Whatever helps you sleep at night but don’t act as if your post didn’t wreck of judgement because it did. The fact is who cares about what these lesbians say in a target ad. If it doesn’t apply to you then keep it moving. You’re worried about a lifestyle that does not concern you.

  2. I thought I would come and say hi, as Thriftycatholic is deleting my comments there. It was good that we could meet there, and good that she could be exposed to the truth, even though she does not have ears to hear it.

    She does not realise she is homophobic, that is the thing. The advert is flat-out lying, she says. No, it isn’t. It is rather charming. Gay sex is “unnatural”, she says, not properly understanding “natural law”, leave alone nature.

    I hope she grows out of it.

    I have started to classify Catholics. There are the enthusiastically nasty ones, who use words like “sodomite” and “abomination”; the oily ones, who try to sound loving to convince themselves they are not horrible when they demand that someone else be celibate, and Thrifty is somewhere in between. There are a few sane ones: the French bishops have been saying good things recently, but Thrifty deleted my link to that. So much for accepting the teaching of her church.

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