Book Review: Three Degrees of Separation

Title: Three Degrees of Separation [ Can be purchased here and Part 1 Girls Just Don’t Do That can be purchased here]
Author: Natalie Simone
Genre: Urban Lesbian Fiction

Review: I read this book in one day! It was amazing. So amazing that I emailed the author my sincerest praises (and she emailed back!). This book was so GOOD. So, it is about of a trilogy. The first book was “Girls Just don’t do that” and to be clear I was in the middle of this book before I even realized it was a sequel! Unfortunately, I can’t quite remember the first book but I think I liked it. But this book was phenomenal. The characters where relatable. There was just enough sex to get me a little hot and it was realistic and not over the top. I immediately wanted more. I was so sad to find out that the third part is not due out until NEXT summer. However, this book was actually on spot.

I would recommend it and this totally receives a 5-Star from me!


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