Dear Social Media,

We all have been guilty of this, at least I have. Using our social media sites as journals. Now, blogging, thats different, we are often just sharing our story’s in hopes we come across others who feel the same way. And that’s what blogging is for. But using facebook, Twitter and Instagram as journals. It’s just become too much !

I still believe in trying to keep my private life private. Sometimes it’s hard, especially with blogging, because this isn’t the most anonymous blog and I don’t want to really dive into any major or petty relationship problems openly. Not just romantic relationships but also platonic relationships. But, I still touch on something’s. Now which directly pertain to me and which don’t, the world may never know, but some people have no shame! They will post the most personal things online.

For one, I rarely post my girlfriend on my Instagram. She’s not a secret nor do I think anyone would care or go out their way to see who I am dating but the fact is that some women are miserable. They want whatever you have just because it looks good. Just because they are miserable and they want everyone else to also be miserable . Then there’s the fact that I honestly don’t want to be embarrassed. I once posted my girlfriend all over my facebook and was out with her often, partying together and things of that nature and had her around my “friends”. I was no secret, people knew I existed. But, when she started publicly dating my “friend” (in the middle of my relationship) embarrassed would be an extreme understatement of what I felt. I never wanted to feel that again and so I make sure I never have to.

Social sites are mostly for entertainment and my life is reality, not for entertainment purposes so I try to keep it very separate, as far as my love life is concerned. I’m glad too. Because some people are chronic daters and they post their dates (at that time) on their social sites and a few month later it’s a new person! And that’s fine….for them. But people have a way of taking the content from your social site and directly relating it to your life. They assume that what you post is a reflection of what you’re going through or it is insight to your life. And honestly, I can see why people assume that. Now, whether or not it’s true is a different story. But people have no qualms about exploiting their private lives. They flood your timeline with lovey dovey pics and then their IG becomes too real when the breakup happens. Then, they go back and have to erase all the evidence of that chapter in their lives. If you ask me, it requires too much work. And I’m not saying a post here or there is bad because it’s not. But the flood of bae, and every gift you’ve received, every receipt from your relationship is floating around and it leaves me to wonder who are you trying to impress ?

I don’t know, that’s just my perspective. And I get it and this isn’t some bitter woman’s post. But I find that in general people just can’t be happy for you and the gay circle in Baltimore is small. The women can be ruthless. They want what they want. And no matter how unfortunate it may be, I won’t put my entire happy home on the front line to be ridiculed or sought after by the miserable.

I will say this once, the universe ( or whatever higher being you believe in) will not bless you with someone else’s happy home. Reread it. THE UNIVERSE WILL NOT BLESS YOU WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S HAPPY HOME. What this means is, if you are single and miserable seeking what someone else has (their spouse) to obtain the same happy home they have (because it looks so good from the outside, all decorated and shit) is not a blessing from the universe. It’s karma wanting a new toy.

Keep that in mind.

With love,


6 thoughts on “Dear Social Media,

  1. Forgot to add the rest of my thoughts on your post… I also struggle with how much dating info to share on my blog and on social media. My blog focuses on relationships so it totally makes sense to share a little bit about who I’m dating, but until I have a serious relationship, I’m not really interested in putting people’s private info on blast. Even after feeling more secure in a serious relationship, I just don’t feel the need to share all of our business!

    1. I agree. And honstly, even with a serious relationship, I just don’t find the urge to put my dating life on blast. And I think it’s ok every once in a while but a lot if people just don’t know where to draw the line.

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