Why I blog…

I knew when I was young I wanted to write but I was never really good at it, so I thought. But, that didn’t or doesn’t stop me from somewhat wanting to record my life some how. Record my thoughts as I grow, as I evolve.
Honestly, I’m somewhat becoming addicted. I don’t have many friends and I’m, for the most part, fine with that. But, even some of my friends don’t understand my thinking or my ways and I am tired of holding my thoughts in and not putting them out there. So I’m blogging my thoughts out. Hoping that someone will or can relate.

Then there’s the finding of other lesbian blogs. Blogging is not like social networking. Not really, because no one is trying to impress anyone. Bloggers are either trying to help people, document their lives or trying to find themselves. So when I stumble across other blogs and I feel, I relate, and I enjoy the insight into someone else’s life. Sometimes I read blogs and I’m moved to tears. Other times I read blogs and I am looking at life in a whole new light. And sometimes I read and I almost feel a friendship because I’m so happy for the accomplishment of that person. Someone I don’t know but I am still extremely happy, nonetheless. It gives me small joy.

I blog because I want someone to know they aren’t alone in there thoughts, that someone understands, that there are other perspectives, that everyone is trying to save themselves but maybe this can save you too.

That’s why I blog. How about you?

With love,


3 thoughts on “Why I blog…

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. So many times i read blogs and they open my eyes to things i never thought about. Sometimes it’s spirituality, sometimes i see how selfish someone sounds and i’m all over it like, “damn! Sometimes I’m like that! I better check myself!…and you’re right about the “friendships” you create. They are so raw and so real. Even though, sometimes these people live thousands of miles away from you, you have a camaraderie, a something in common that unites you, and that is a beautiful thing..look at us for example. I dig your blog a lot! Because it’s real, and honest, and you! 100% you with no apologies…that’s awesome!

    1. I feel the same way! Your post about your dad literally made me cry a bit becauE honestly things like that happen in movies! And I am always so excites to hear about the boys and what is going on with you and Callie’s pregnancy. I find my self on wordpress reading more blogs now and spending less time on IG.

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