Are gays overly sensitive?

A friend told me that gays are overly sensitive and think that everyone is supposed to agree. What prompted this discussion was a picture and comment that was posted on IG by Snoop Dogg.

I was then asked my opinion, to which I said it was ignorant, because it was, and that he had some nerve talking because he walked around, for years, looking simple with a wrap, perm and rods! At this point, I was told that gays are overly sensitive. And that’s fine, but for me, it’s a matter of respect. If that was a heterosexual couple no one would question the father in the picture even though he, in fact, could actually not be the child’s father. This is supposed to be a joyous time in this couple’s life, not a time to be the butt of a joke.

So, are gays being overly sensitive every time someone doesn’t agree or when their are injustices. For me, it’s a matter of respect. It’s almost the same as saying victims are overly sensitive when people think they should stop “playing” the “victim role” or blacks shouldn’t be upset when things happen within or to the black community or women shouldn’t be so sensitive when people don’t think women are equal to men. As a black lesbian woman I want to be recognized for my accomplishments and my personality, just me period. I don’t want to be cast away because I am black or because I identify as a lesbian or because I am a woman. I don’t want to be the end of a joke because I am pregnant and my partner and I take a picture. It’s not about being sensitive, it’s about being respectful.

When it comes to “gay” subjects are gays overly sensitive? Honestly, maybe I am. I want every aspect of who I am to be equal to my white, heterosexual, or male counterparts. But then again. I am one of those gays who boycotted chik-fil-a too. And that wasn’t about them not agreeing, that was about the fact that business and personal beliefs shouldn’t mix, and well, they did so I can’t.

Your thoughts?

With love,


4 thoughts on “Are gays overly sensitive?

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more!!! LEt me tell you, I know a shitload of deadbeat dads that don’t give a rats ass about their kids, let alone a dollar…before my insurance approved Callie for IVF, I put out 25k BEFORE my kids were even born, before they were even concieved. I know some dad’s that have been around for years and STILL haven’t been able to provide that much for there kids…and that’s just finiancial, lets not get started on the emotional stuff…pssshhh!!! Sensitive, of coruse, because you’re undermining my parentage…call me what you what, but don’t say I’m not the other parent! FOH!

  2. It’s a tricky/touchy subject. To say all gays are overly sensitive is a generalization that is beyond offensive. But to me most stereotypical generalizations come off pretty offensive, Like,
    all black girls have naughty hair, All Asians eat egg rolls, and Koreans work at nail shops. BUT I will say this and have said this for a long time we have to learn to pick and choose our battles. One hand we ask t be treated like everyone else on the other hand if you say the wrong thing no matter how small the LGBT community is in an uproar.

    Don’t bite my head off now….but in my opinion the photo above is one that should be taken with a grain of salt. We know women don’t have sperm and can not impregnate another woman….we also know that a woman can fall in love with and take care of a child that isn’t “hers” and bond so naturally that you’ll be questioning who the birth mother is.

    We (as a community) have to learn what’s worth fighting for. When they start trying to say we’re unfit mothers and should have our babies by law we’ll raise hell. When they say we can’t work and provide for our families we going to D.C. Officials, and public figures start using derogatory words to describe us and began to treat us any less than the rest of America. Boycott, rally, etc. But not bc people are being people. Who doesn’t get talked about? Who isn’t joked? In our community the ridicule is on a million but my momma always told me they talked about Jesus so I doubt that’s something that’s going to change.

    So short answer, yea I do think the LGBT needs to get a thicker skin. Know when we need to protect ourselves and when it’s just life. When you fight against everything you end up looking weak………scared even….that’s where the over sensitive stigma is coming from.

    1. For me, in general, I don’t care. I thought it was a little distasteful but to each his own. I only really go to bad if I’m personally offended. But I’ll agree to what you said as far as picking battles because as a black american I just don’t have it in me to fight EVERYTHING. same goes for being a woman, lesbian, naturalista. I just don’t have it in my to fight every single thing. But, knowing what some lesbian couples have to go through to get a family started it was just a little insensitive.

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