If I died tomorrow…

This post is directly influenced by The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This is a book that I highly recommend everyone read because there is a message in this book and it is one that everyone can benefit from. I will have a series of post related to this book. I am doing this post so that I will have a point of reference on days where I fall short of acknowledging my blessings. I am doing this post as a point of reference on days I need to be reminded of all of my accomplishments and how far I have come. In fact, I encourage everyone to do an “If I died tomorrow” post (please tag me in it as I am interested in your list).  So, lets get started!

If I died tomorrow…

  • I will have earned a Masters at 26
  • I will have earned a BS at 23
  • I will have loved
  • I will have experienced great loss
  • I will have found myself in my darkest hour
  • I will have traveled
  • I will have partied…HARD
  • I will have been passionate
  • I will have been liberated
  • I will have been tested
  • I will have indulged in the finest of meals
  • I will have drove miles for the smallest of desserts

Now, I know this is no list compared to that of the shepherd, but this is my list. These are my experiences. These are my milestones and memories. This is much more than the person who decided that college wasn’t for them. This is much more than an 80 year old woman who was never able to travel outside of her surrounding cities.  This is MY list and I was blessed to be able to do this and I will continue to build my list on my journey. This matters to me. This is important because, unfortunately, there is someone who wasn’t able to do any of this.

So, I encourage you to share! Make a point of reference for yourself and also check out The Alchemist.

With Love,


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