You can only pick two….

Chemistry, faithful or loyal. Which one are you willing to sacrifice?

I pick loyal and faithful. I had an amazing chemistry with a cheater. The problem was she cheated, habitually. The chemistry lit the room. Anyone who saw us knew it was love because it was. You could feel it. I know this because people have told me so. But when cheating went to far I had to gather myself and move on. There were no tears really. There wasn’t even a real conversation. At this point in our relationship, chemistry or not, there were only understandings. We understood exactly what was happening.

I had this conversation with my BFF, we will call her C. Chemistry is something that is just there. It’s not something you build or nurture, it just smacks you like a ton of bricks, rather it just pulls you in like a magnetic force.

I believe in loyalty. I believe in girl code. I believe there are still things you don’t do as a friend. It’s not discussed. It’s not written down. There are just things you know. And honestly, I don’t know how you know them. You just do. I know the key to happiness is making yourself feel good, doing what nourishes your soul. But how can you be truly happy if making yourself feel good hurts everyone around you. What I mean is, I think people are too busy trying to do what they want that people just aren’t loyal to one another any more. I am loyal to a fault. I don’t care if we are no longer friends, I will still abide by the girl code. Being loyal is a must. I don’t want a girlfriend who will leave me and date my friend. And that speaks more on my friend than it does on my girlfriend, but have some damn respect ! This is most important. There are a million ppl in the world. Only about 6 are my left overs and only about 5 are my friends. You mean to tell me you couldn’t find anyone else.
I feel like faithful is self explanatory. However, I know some people just don’t believe in monogamy. And that’s fine… For them. Just not for me.

You can only pick 2. Which and why?

With love,


15 thoughts on “You can only pick two….

  1. I pick chemistry and loyalty. Chemistry because I’d like to have a special connection between me and my girl. Loyalty because I don’t like cheaters. I’d rather have a girl break up with me first, then go out with someone else, rather than going out with two (or more) people at the same time.

  2. Chemistry and Loyalty. Chemistry because we need to mesh. My other half has to be the yin to my yang and we just need to fit. Hell you know my life lol. Loyalty because I feel like if you are truly loyal to me then being unfaithful shouldn’t be an option however I know that people have different views on what loyalty is. Also, I could only pick 2 O_o

      1. Hmm. Then it depends on how you define chemistry. So much of the time that’s considered the sexual attraction part of the equation, after all. If that’s what part it plays, then I choose faithfulness and loyalty.

  3. I would pick chemistry and faithful …I need to know that we vibe and connect. And faithful is self explanatory, if we are together I don’t want to worry about being cheated on

    1. As i am going through the answers i have to ask myself, “why would i so easily sacrafice chemistry”. But then i remember i had it. And it was wonderful. But not ao wonderful she would stop cheating.

      1. That is a combination i could do. Let me ask you, what does chemistry mean to you. I am not using chemistry as a comparison to meshing well or working well. I feel like that is obvious. I need to fit nicely with the person in order for me to be at this point. But chemistry for me is the energy.

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