Virtual Book Club

So, I am really thinking about getting this book club started. I am unsure how many people would actually participate. I am open to thoughts on how to do it. I am thinking it could be a book a month and we can take turns suggesting books. I can find a way to make it interactive. We can do e-mails or a simple post on my blog to discuss the book. The person who suggests the book would be the leader of the discussion that month. Below is a poll to see how many people would be interested. It will be up for a week to collect information. If you do want to participate, send me an e-mail in the contact form below so that I can reach out and let you know if it is a go. The idea was to be a urban lesbian like book club however I read a variety of books and so this is not limited to that but I won’t be mad at the surplus of lesbian literiture.

With love,


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