Baby steps


You see that tall bottle of water? That replaced my morning 32oz. soda. The cup of tea is sugar free. They are small steps but I’m sure, with consistency, the trade will pay off, eventually. I’m completely into instant gratification and that is what kills my weight loss… Everytime! I need you guys to hold me accountable. Help a sister out !

I talked to an old friend yesterday, who lost a significant amount of weight , and she helped motivate me a little. So it’s just keeping the motivation that is the problem. So… we will see.

side note : I wrote all of this and immediately ate a kit kat bar. You see my problem.


9 thoughts on “Baby steps

  1. I just started using an app called Lose It! that lets you set weight goals and track all the food you eat. You can even scan bar codes to enter in food, or search from a really big database. I’m sure it’s like a lot of other fitness apps out there, but it seems like a nice one.

    Also, if you’re trying to replace soda/etc with tea, or using tea to fight food cravings, I know some really good teas. 🙂

    1. My biggest challenge is being realistic. I hate couning calories and tracking things. I want to learn how to make better choices. But i will check out the app! Because i have nothing to lose but weight!!

      Please share the teas!

  2. At least you’re taking steps to make better choices. That’s awesome!! You wrote this post 2 days ago…I hope you are keeping it up. I’m not recommending this but I lost some weight when I was fasting (last two weeks, hardest of my life). Mind you I LOVE food!! But I took the focus off of food and focused on GOD and the issue that I was going through. What I’m trying to say is that it changed the way I looked at food. Take the focus off of counting calories and food itself. Start focusing on something else to make it easer. If your focus is on overall health counting calories is depressing and NO motivation at all. Take the candy away!!! Good luck and I hope you keep updating your journey on this.

    1. Thanks for offering your suggestions! Im “officially” starting tomorrow. But i have been mindful all weekend of what i am eating and im making a effort to cut back or exclude soda all together. It will be harder during work where i am bored.

  3. Tania,

    Great decision to become healthier and lose weight! I’m proud of you. I think you are to be commended for simply facing up to the question: How did I get this way?

    It happens one day at a time, seemingly, when we are engaged in something else. Anyway, my advice is to begin anew each day by loving yourself to the success you desire. Yea on the water and the tea! And when you fall off the wagon after writing the post, that’s okay! Setbacks occur. The most important thing is you keep moving forward. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Walk up to the challenge with encouragement for yourself on your tongue, in your eyes and heart and in your Weight Loss Journal.

    Tania, there is something special in writing things down, like we do when we blog. I am suggesting that you make it doubly special by keeping the journal for your eyes only, perhaps sharing with us select entries. Pour your tears and fears onto the pages. Your triumphs and accomplishments. The journal will take on the aura of a pocket friend, who whispers No, no, no, as you move to unwrap that candy bar. It should be as close as your pen. It’s a thought!

    I’m vegan, from a raw foodist. It’s working better for me right now. Who knows what tomorrow may hold, though.

    Wishing you continued success! Am speaking it into existence along with you! YOU CAN DO IT, HONEY! Everything you want is gainable, if you’re willing to see it first. YES! Visualize yourself exactly as you want to be. Tape pictures of a smaller, tighter you to the bedroom mirror. SIT AND MEDITATE ON WHAT IT IS GOING TO FEEL LIKE IN YOUR SMALLER, HEALTHIER BODY!

    I love a good adventure! Carry on….

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