In or out the circle?

So, I’ve had the displeasure of dating closely to my circle. A mistake I will never knowingly do again. It’s too much a hassle when it’s over. I like clean breaks and then if I want to continue a friendship down the line that’s on me.
I’m selfish. I don’t want to share my friends with my ex. And then depending on how things end causes a ripple in the circle. It’s awkward. People take sides, or you expect for them to take sides.

I’ve done this twice. I mostly regret it because it’s hard on all parties. But now a days, people either meet through a friend or online. It’s safer (I think) to meet through a friend because you can at least get background on the person. You can get catfished online.

Have you dated in your circle? How did that go?


4 thoughts on “In or out the circle?

  1. If I even got into the craziness that is the lesbian dating scene in NYC where everyone knows everyone knows everyone, we could be here for a year…let me just paint a picture, my ex-grilfriends ex-girlfriend became my best friend. I met my wife through my biological brothers half sister who was dating her best friend. And my ex ex ex girlfriend is currently my best friend who dated my ex-wifes new wife, who also used to be one of my closest friends who I asked to keep an eye on the ex while i wasn’t with them at the club…just to name a few. It’s seriously like an L Word web…so to answer your question, why yes, yes I have..sometimes it went splendidly (ex girlfriend is my best friend) and sometimes it went freaking miserably (one of my closest friends is now my ex-wifes new wife and other mother to her twins).

    1. I completely agree. It can go both ways but when it goes bad, it goes really well. I couldnt even keep up with all those exes! My first gf dated one of my bff after me. My ex of 5 years is my bff cousin. Another ex dated my friend and was bffs with my bff and my new gf is my other bffs distant cousin. Which neither one of us knew until we were together for 7 months.

  2. That almost happened to me; I have this friend who’s a little bit more than a friend but we keep it platonic…well someone she knows asked me out on a date, but I didn’t know they knew each other at the time….she texted me the VERY next day after plans were made and said, “Sooo I heard you have a date” *side eye* I cancelled immediately after!

    1. I literally bust out laughing! Honestly thats the worst. My gf was showing me a picture and i said “that looks like my bffs mom”. I texted my bff and sure enough their parents are cousins. We were already in too deep.

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