Virtual Book Club: Gone Girl

So, I didn’t get as much feed back as I would have liked but I will still post in hopes to attract people who want to participate.

As some of you may remember, I wanted to start a lesbian virtual book club. Mostly but not limited to lesbian literature because good Lesbian reads are far and few in between. However it is not limited to that.

I recently saw the movie Gone Girl and I honestly wanted to read the book first but it didn’t happen that way. So if you’ve seen the movie and want to read the book, or read the book and want to see the movie or just want to do one or the other then I encourage you to participate.

I am going to start reading the book this week and on the third Sunday, so three weeks, on Dec 7 I will post discussion questions for all who want to participate! I really hope you do! This could be the start of something fun!



6 thoughts on “Virtual Book Club: Gone Girl

  1. Ok thank god. I have had this book in my iBooks for weeks and made up stupid excuses as to why I haven’t read it.
    I am going to read it by dec 7 and discuss my a** off. WATCH lol

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