That awkward moment…

How awkward is it when you realize that Golden Brooks is NOTHING like Mya Wilkes. Now, if you don’t know who I am talking about, I don’t blame you. A long time ago there was a show called Girlfriend and Golden plays the role of Mya Wilkes. Now, I know that is just her job, HOWEVER, that extremely awkward moment where you want to like someone and then realize they are the type of person you would never like.

Let me explain. I have been watching Hollywood Diva’s which is really nothing but a bootleg show on TV One with washed up black actresses that no one has checked for in years.  But I hate Golden, I loved Mya.  Golden is selfish, rude and plays the victim. Some of these people on reality shows can either bounce back or continue their career but then you participate in reality tv be prepared for your image to be tarnished. It happened to Kelly Price, who people love, and it’s happening to Golden, and I’m not sure if people even really care about her. Annnd it’s happening to Bill Cosby because no one wants to think off Cliff Huxtable as a rapist. Or Eric Camden because he came out as a molester.

We forget celebrities have real lives and are human and can be the most fucked up of humans. I just hate when this happens because I wanted to go into this show like “Yea! My girl Golden,” and then I realized she is someone I would never like.


With Love,


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