Your path…

I am a firm believer in this. I won’t say I had extraordinarily rough life up until this point because I haven’t gone through anything any other person hasn’t once dealt with. I will say my love life was rocky, hard, heartbreaking, stifling, depressing. These are only a few words to explain how I felt during many of these times. However, I’m still here!!! I believe ( and I’ve said this before) everything in my life has brought me to this moment in my life and it is a good moment!

Thought I do have regrets and I honestly do wish I could go back and change several things but I know that if I did that I wouldn’t be here. Am I happy with where I am on the path, not entirely. Do I see the big picture, absolutely!

This path crossed over Lover’s Lane and it was at that corner I met my girlfriend who I believe is essential to this part of my journey. I strongly believe she’s here to teach me patience because I have none. She’s here to teach me understanding because I am not. She’s here to teach me to be the girlfriend I know I can be. And I know, that sounds crazy. But, my ex told me time and time again I wasn’t a good girlfriend. Yet, she stayed around for 5 years. And I admit, I was not. But she also didn’t deserve my best. That is a different story a different day BUT that happened in the time of my life where I was growing into the adult I needed to be. In the most influential time of my life. So, at 26/27 I am essentially reprogramming and in laymen’s terms, I am teaching an old dog new tricks.

I came across these quotes on Pinterest and it inspired this post. Are you on the right path? Where have your struggles redirected your journey to greatness? Was it worth it?

Hope to hear from you!

With love,


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