Day 2 – Let it snow, not rain


Today’s 25 days of Christmas post is inspired by LuluLove88 and a comment she made on my post.

Bad things happen. We all know that. But, sometimes people have a tendency to make mountains out of molehills. Sometimes a bad moment is just that, a moment. But sometimes a bad moment is the direct result of our actions.

Sometimes people do the rain dance and then when it rains they are mad! Don’t create your own drama and then sulk around because you’ve fallen upon bad times! If you are this type of person, this is a learning moment! Sometimes when we are in the thick of our bad moment we have to stop and think about what’s wrong here. What’s good, what’s bad, will this be this horrible tomorrow and can this be dealt with rationally. Some storms are 5 minute showers. Don’t allow a 5 minute shower, whether you created it or not, steal your entire sunny day!

I often do this. There are times when my day gets turned upside down by the tiniest thing. But slowly and surely I’m making a change to not let that happen. Don’t let bad moments consume you and certainly don’t create your own storm and then throw a pity party because


I hope this helps!

With love,


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