We are here again…

By here, I mean no indictment, again.

Not that I thought black lives would suddenly matter in a week. But, still.

So, in case you’re late, let me catch you up.

Policemen who happen to be white murder men who happen to be black and aren’t charged with murder. Only in America can you be a white man and put a black man in a headlock and have that black man tell you HE CAN NOT FUCKING BREATH and get away with it.

And that kids, is how you get away with murder.

With love,


8 thoughts on “We are here again…

  1. I’m a NYer, born and raised and this infuriated me beyond belief. The Martin and Brown cases, ok, I get it! (Not really but in the sense that there was no cameras and the witnesses had conflicting information) Fine, but this shit!!! This shit right here!!!???!!!! There is a fucking video clearly showing everything that was happening! I am just truly disgusted and flabbergasted that these “men of law” were not indicted. I just truly can’t even deal right now!

    1. I think it’s all pretty messed up. I knew when the prosecutor said that the witnesses had conflicting information but I still, to this day, can not believe Zimmerman got off. THEN to add insult to injury he’s been in trouble since with what, with GUNS and violence. And then you have a video of a officer killing a man yet there is no proof. Shame on the system.

    1. I’m honestly just baffled. I haven’t a clue how this could have happened considering all the circumstances. It’s really sad. How can you be caught on camera doing an illegal chokehold and still be set free.

      1. Exactly. Even if he was “resisting arrest” the act that killed him was illegal & recorded. If the officer would have said “Yes i illegaly used a chokehold to kill that man on purpose because im white, hes black & this is fuckin America. Indict me if you like” he would have still gotten off.

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