Book Review: Divergent (Series)

Title: Divergent (Series, available here)

Author: Veronica Roth

Genre: Fiction

Review: I enjoyed this series so much! I literally read the whole thing in 2 weeks in preparation to see the movie. My first initial thought was that it was like The Hunger Games, but in reverse. It also made me think, “hmm, could this happen in the far, far, far out future”.  The first book really pulled you in. The second book was lined with a lot of details that you needed but by the end of the second book you completely understand where everything is going. I think book three was my least favorite. One, because it was the ending. Two, because it seemed like it was rushing to finish the series off. Like it just got to a point where it rushed and wrapped it all up, sloppy paper and horrible bow! I mostly hated the way it ended but I also loved how it ended. It was a twist, sort of like the ending of Frozen or Maleficent.  I could appreciate it, I, of course took it another way than I’m sure was intended but I could appreciate it. I won’t spoil the ending for you.

I would definitely recommend this series. The series  gets 4-Stars from me!

The movie left much to be desired. It did capture the most of the book but the end of the movie made me extremely curious how they will continue the the movies and match them to the books.


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