25 Days of Christmas – Day 6: Holiday letter to my unborn son


Dear baby boy,

It is December 6 2014, the month where we celebrate togetherness, enjoy our families, feast, and open gifts. However our people aren’t celebrating the upcoming holiday. Our people are mourning the loss of our men and sons and fathers. Our people are being publicly executed, almost, everyday by the people who are supposed to protect us.

I’m unsure how I’m supposed to raise a black man. I’ve always feared it because the love a mother has for her children is unmeasurable. But everyone knows the bond mothers have with their sons, the same ones that daughters have with their fathers. I’m unsure how I am supposed to raise a kind, genuine, loving and conscious black man without instilling the the hated and unrest that is brewing in our community.

I’m unsure how I am going to raise a black man in a world where they are preying on and hunting down and unjustly killing our black men. I want you to go out and enjoy life with your friends. I want you to be a teenager and I want you to make mistakes because that what you’re supposed to do. I want you to be raised within a village where the neighbor pulls you up about your wrong doings and sends you on your way with the threat of telling your momma before they pick up the phone to call the police because they know you’re being young and dumb. Because that’s how it use to be. I don’t want to raise you in a world where the people who supposed to protect you fear you because of the color of your skin.

I want you to know that your life matters. Your life matters so much to me right now and you’re not here, so imagine how much it will matter once you’re here with me. I pray that people find humanity. I pray that this opens people’s eyes and they see how unfairly our community is treated. I pray the stereotypes are lifted.

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to raise a black man in America because honestly I’m scared to. But once you’re here(whenever that may be)… America will have to take me down before they ever try to take you, my young black man.



I’m exhausted. I’m tired of reading EVERYDAY that the police is shooting and killing people. I don’t know this world we are living in.


Ps. I am not expecting , just to be clear.


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