So, someone put me onto this podcast and its 11 episodes and you have to listen to it in order. Next week is the last for the season. 12 episodes. They average about 40 mins each and I listened to them all in the span of two days.

I’m obsessed. Has anyone else listened? (You should). Is anyone else obsessed ?

I would love to hear your opinions.



2 thoughts on “Serial

  1. I’ve been listening to this ever since I heard it on this American Life. It’s just too much…I have no idea if I believe Adnan but I’m 100% and more sure that I don’t believe anything that Jay says! What are you thoughts?

    1. So i genuinely think Adnan is innocent. Considering i grew up in the are and have seen the locations millions of time. I really dont think that could have been done in 21 minutes and there was never a phone at that best buy. And i dont believe jay. I think he was cheating with jenn and Hae knew and he killed her.

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