#MicroblogMonday | Updates and everything pushed into 1

This will be quick long, whatever that means lol. So, there are several things I want to quickly touch on.

1. My diet is failing horribly. So I started off slow and  by that I mean I gave up soda. I still eat as I always did but I haven’t had Soda in a month. I am now obsessed with Seltzer/Sparkling water.  And I am also obsessed with Sparkling water + 100% Cranberry Juice. Tasty.  Now, if I can cut back on cheesecake, snacks, candy, bad foods I may be alright.

2. I purchase Nicki Minaj’s album. I had absolutely no intentions on doing this. I tried, unsuccessfully, to listen to it on Spotify but because I am not a premium member I can only listen to it on shuffle and then it plays songs from other albums. So, because from what I was able to hear, I liked, I went ahead and purchased it and I  was not disappointed.  She has a song “The Night Is Still Young” which is basically the theme song to the life I wish I had. Party all night and have a good time.

3. I really feel like there was a third point, but I can’t think of it. I am ALMOST done christmas shopping! Woot!

4. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABLE THE BOOK CLUB. I’m sorry guys. I picked Gone Girl because the movie was really good and I heard the book was good  but that’s just to the case. And when the few people who are also reading it agreed I knew it wasn’t just me. WE WILL have our discussion as soon as I finish this book and I have been making it a priority to read the book. So we will do this SOON. I promise. I’m so sorry.

Until Next time…



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