25 Days of Christmas (Day 17) : Be thankful


We are in the holiday season and that means you’re either with your family and friends or you’re alone. Which sucks. As many of us know, holiday time has the highest suicide rate. Whatever the case may be, just because we grazed past thanksgiving doesn’t mean being thankful ends there.

I was having a conversation with my friend and she told me she is fine with no gifts and just enjoying the family. I seriously had to ask her “why are you so GOOD.” But honestly that’s the real spirit of the holiday season, the spirit you’re supposed to have ! So while you’re opening gifts and thanking the lord( or who ever you worship or don’t) for the good eats … Don’t forget to bask in the moment and be thankful to be surrounded by your loved ones. Because , as we know there are some people who didn’t make it to this day!



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