25 Days of Christmas (Day 23) : Christmas Lists


We are two days away from Christmas, can you believe it? Like I’ve said time and time again, this is my favorite holiday (besides my birthday). So, this post will be dedicated to the lists we made for christmas. I asked my girlfriend for typical girl stuff, shoes and bags. Usually I ask for cash but this is our first christmas so she basically said no. I usually ask everyone for cash so I can just go get what I need. I always need to go shopping, not because I want stuff but because I honestly need clothes. I’ve gained weight and I haven’t done much shopping because of that. I am at the point where I NEED stuff. So, I rather just get it myself; hence the cash. But here are a few things I mentioned to her because either way with cash or not I will eventually end up buying this stuff for myself. Lets just get right into it.


  1. Michael Kors Jules Drawstring Leather Large Shoulder Bag
  2. Michael Kors Camden Large Leather Satchel (The Black is currently SOLD OUT)
  3. Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Large Gathered Tote
  4. Michael Kors Lexington Silver and Gold Tone Watch
  5. Michael Kors Layton Silver Tone Watch
  6. Uggs Bailey Button 
  7. Uggs Bailey Bows

Now, I know that’s a lot of Michael Kors but no matter how many oversized watches I look at, I always come back to his being my favorite. I noticed a lot of watching starting to slim down and be more  feminine but I really like that boyfriend/oversized look! As far as the bags… I can by cheaper bags  but I like every day bags. I don’t do much switching it up because I have so much stuff, but I rather spend  more money for an everyday bag then finding…liking and replacing bags every few months!

What’s on your lists? Please share… loved to hear from you guys. I notice not many people blogging lately…which makes me sad.



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