I’ve been NOMINATED!

O. M. G. If.or the first time since I’ve had this blog I’ve been nominated for The sisterhood of the World Bloggers award! I was extremely excited to find out I received the award from I Am j0ann (check her out!). One of the major reasons I’m so happy to have been nominated is because it was by Joann, I seriously adore her blog and to find out she adores mine as well is just humbling because that’s why I’m here.


Here are the the 10 questions asked by Joann:

1. What was your first MySpace or AIM name? My first aim name was LOVELUSTANDFAME. I haven’t a clue what I knew about that at 13 but that was my legit user id.
2. How long have you been blogging? I’ve been blogging almost a year now !
3. If you had one million dollars how would you spend it? The first thing I would do would be pay my student loans. Then, I would go on a eat, pray, love journey. And then I would settle down and maybe open a youth center or day care.
4. Is there anything you got into big trouble for that you would do again anyway? I’m a bit of a goodie goodies so unfortunately no. No good stories over here.
5. Whats one thing you hate about where you live? Living in the DMV ( or anywhere) means the gay community is extremely small. I hate it. Everyone knows or dated someone else. I hate it.
6. Do you shower before bed or in the morning? BOTH, just depends on how I feel.
7. Whats your favorite genre of music? I listen to everything. But favorite ( right now) is ratchet. Is that a genre yet?
8. iPhone or android? Iphone. Always assume so.
9. Candles or incents? I prefer candles. I think candles are very intimate and set the mood. I also only like fresh linen or cotton fragrance and I’ve never smelled a incent that was linen or cotton.
10. Whats your middle name? My middle name is Sade!

My 10 questions are:
1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
2. What is one lifetime goal you must complete?
3. If you could tell anything to your past self what would it be?
4. Finish this sentence “I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t …”
5. What is your favorite TV show?
6. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
7. What will be your fondest memory of 2014?
8. What is one of your huge Pet Peeves?
9. What was the last book you read?
10. What your favorite dish to make at home?

I nominate:

The Chronicles of a non Belly mama
The understanding of Dee

The rules:
1. Thank and tag the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the 10 questions.
3. Make your own 10 questions.
4. Nominate 5-10 other blogs!

Again, thanks Joann for this. And for those who have been nominated please drop the link in my comments once you’ve post so I can read your answers!

Until next time.



9 thoughts on “I’ve been NOMINATED!

  1. Tania!! Thank you so much love πŸ’› with all the madness of Christmas and these kids, I’m just seeing this tonight. You’re too sweet & congrats to you as well. I will make sure to post asap. ☺️

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