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I had a conversation with someone and I was trying to express to them that dating at 21/22 is much different than dating at 27- close to 30. She didn’t really understand. And, if I was 21/22 I wouldn’t have either but I’m older and wiser and I know better…now. As some of you may have read before I was once in a 5 year relationship that went nowhere fast. Now, at 27 that isn’t time I am welling to waste on anyone. Some people move so fast. Meet someone, date them and make them their girlfriend in a matter of weeks. Whereas, I dated my girlfriend for months before having the official title. A year to me really isn’t that long but it’s also very long. It’s to little time to tell the future, the big picture, and it’s too long to waste on someone who just isn’t worth it. At 27 I was dating to settle down, not for fun.

So, how have your dating views changed as you got older?

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7 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday| Dating…

  1. My dating view have changed completely. When I was in early adulthood it was just dinner, movies. and we “go together” in a matter of day..lol.. microwave baby.. Now its not that simple.. Since I have kids.. i also have to do a screening process..so dating is usually 3- 6 months before a title is even considered

  2. This couldnt be more true…when you get older, it’s more like, “Can I see myself with this person for the rest of my life?” If the answer is “NOPE!” you nip that shit real quick and move on to the next one…when I was 22 it was more like, “Can I chill with this person for another few weeks?” I try to explain this to my 24year old brother, and he just doesn’t get it. I tell him, wait till you turn 27…LOL! It’s a whole different ball game. We’re to old to talk about new Jordans, or what club is raging this weekend…It’s more like, “How’s your credit?” “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “YOu want kids?” Life is different…

    1. I conpletely agree. I said 5 years at 22 is a lot different than 5 years at 27. My plans have changed and i have to be realistic. I want children. I dont have thw luxury of laying down with a man ans hoping it happens and waiting until i am 35 to find out I’m not fertile isn’t what I want to do!

  3. I was married young(ish) — 27 — so I can’t speak to experience except that I can say that I totally noticed this with friends. That the weight of relationships was different as we all aged. What we’d stick around and deal with or leave over was different, too.

    1. I think the real turning point is when you realize you’re about to be 30! That’s what it is to me. At 20/21 everything for me was 25. But I now know that 30 I when you realize you’re an ADULT!

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