#ReadWithLove| Gone Girl Discussion

gonegirllogoSPOILER ALERT… This is a discussion post so there will be details of the book in this post. 

I want to start off by talking about how sick and twisted this book was! Amy…sick and twisted. Nick…staying..sick and twisted. This book started off slow, believe me, I had no clue it was going to take me this long to read it but once it picked up I was very into it. It came as no surprised that the book turned out to be better than the movie. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was good but I liked the extra details the book included. Especially at the end because the end of the book included important conversations that they completely skipped over in the movie.

I came up with my own questions as well as using some of the questions the book came with.  You have the option of listing your answers in the comment section (which I think will be easier) or writing a post and posting your link in the comments section. So, lets just get right into it since this is LONG overdue.

My Questions:

1. In the book, Go told Nick that if he really dated Andie she would eventually find faults with him. Do you think Nick is cheating because Andie sees him as Cool guy with not faults and Amy readily points out his faults?

I think this is obvious. It almost sounds like Amy emasculates Nick and belittles him. Even thought Nick and Andie have been at this relationship for over a year they are still new and in honeymoon phase. I think its reasonable to believe that he adores her because she doesn’t see him as a failure, at his worse. 

2. In the book Desi describes Amy as a warm bath; saying that in the beginning you feel really good and then once Amy realizes the flaws  it’s like you’ve stepped out of the bath into the coldness. Do you think this was an accurate description of Amy?

I felt this is really where I got pulled into the book, this is where I started to understand Amy’s character. I think this description was accurate and also pulled together the fact that Nick was cheating because Amy had pointed out his flaws… he was in the cold. 

3. Did you find it odd how Desi Collings insisted he knew Amy?

At first I did because he hadn’t known her in 20 years…but as I read on I developed a different opinion of this situation. It seems everyone knows Amy…except Nick. Everyone knows how she’s operate because they’ve dealt with it. Nick hadn’t but once he started realizing who Amy was it was as if he suddenly knew Amy…Amy Amy, that is.

4. Random: It took me almost half the book to realize that Amazing Amy marries Able Andy and Nick cheats with Andie (Able Andie). Did you pick up on this?

5.Do you feel like Amy is writing her own story one Amazing Amy would never star in?

I definitely feel like this is Amy taking control over her story. All her life, as she states, Amazing Amy was one step ahead of her succeeding where real Amy failed. I think she is proving to Nick that she is a writer, not just a quiz writer. And she wants to surpass Amazing Amy and be better than the Hope’s better than the one who just survived. She wants to be the one they mourn, the one they find to be a hero, the one they dote over her when she returns. 

6. Early in the book Rand discussed how Desi was rude and stand-offish when they met. How did you react when you realized why Desi was so rude to Amy’s father?

It completely made since that Amy would lie and say her father molested her. I honestly didn’t even think of that initially, so when it came out I was like, “DUH!”

7. Amy stated that she wanted Nick to continue to be the man he was pretending to be, the remorseful, willing to work husband that Nick portrayed. How did you feel that Amy would want this seeing as thought she was pretending to be ‘cool girl’ to get a guy who likes ‘cool girl’ but she hated ‘cool girl’. Why would she want a fake?

So, I found this to be hypocritical. Basically she want cool guy.  I kind of feel like this is a very dramatic and crazy version of real life because people do this all the time. Pretend to be a certain way to nab someone. Pretend to be a certain way so people perceive you a certain way. It just was odd to me that she wanted to be real Amy but she didn’t want real Nick.

Reader’s Guide Questions:

I will answer these later once the discussion gets going.

1. Discuss Amy’s false diary, both as a narrative strategy by the author and as a device used by the character. How does the author use it to best  effect? How does Amy use it?

2. As experienced consumers of true crime and tragedy, modern “audiences” tend to expect each crime to fit a specific mold: a story, a villain, a heroine. How does this phenomenon influence the way we judge news stories? Does it have an impact on the criminal justice system? Consider the example of the North Carthage police, and also Tanner Bolt’s ongoing advice to Nick.

3. Discuss Amy’s description of the enduring myth of the “cool girl” – and her conviction that a male counterpart (seemingly flawless to women) does not exist. Do you agree? Why does she assume the role if she seems to dispose it? What benefit do you think she derives from the act?

4. Do you believe Amy Truly would have committed suicide?

5. Were you satisfied with the books ending? What do you think the future holds for Nick, Amy, and their baby boy?

Our discussion is not limited to these questions, if you have other questions please  ask them. I so look forward to this, it’s been a long time coming!

Please take the poll to help determine the next book to read. The next book will be announced on Thursday, January 8th, 2015.

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “#ReadWithLove| Gone Girl Discussion

  1. All it took was the movie trailer for me to head right to Wikipedia and look it up bc it looked that good! I need to get back reading. The last book I read with a film was The Help and the book was waaay better. I just may have to pick up the book now, great review.

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