Open Relationship = Evolution?

So, I couldn’t comment on this post to post my opinion. But, I’ve tried it as a last ditch alternative. How about others ?


9 thoughts on “Open Relationship = Evolution?

  1. Title alone makes me go NO…Thankyou.
    That is my biggest pet peeve with the lgbtq community as of now. “Open relationships” being the hip thing, to the point if your not interested or supportive then obviously you are a backwards sad queer who is trying too hard to be “like straight people” just because divorce is high and supposedly “everyone is cheating” i refuse to give up on monogamy. To me i couldn’t divide my time and emotions with more than one person, and jealousy and trust are too problematic..

    1. I guess to elaborate abit i was apart of an lgbt small group and i was basically the only one not ok with polyamory and that was one of those things that the group mostly agreed on and sometimes it was just a huge rant fest about marriage, religion, and monogamy and those opinions were the gospel of truth about how none of those made sense and were dumb and perpetuated by straight white conservatives

      1. are you not ok with it for you or in general? I’ve done it only as a last ditch effort to save a relationship. I believe relationships are based on the people who are involved and if the rules are laid out in the beginning and all parties agree with it then it’s good for them. Your relationship has to work for you. And for some people it has nothing to do with everyone cheating. Some people don’t believe in monogamy. Some people just want the fun of it and i think if it works for them good. Will it work for me at this point in my life. No.

      2. I guess abit of both. Just going to say it again i really dislike how new queer movements are extremely isolating it sucks being someone who isnt a crazy queer activist where anything goes and everything established sucks, but definitely doesn’t belong to the extreme conservative, capitalist, republican owned/run christianity, straight culture. Both groups tend to boil down to the same where you have to conform sets of rules otherwise no one wants you around ot cares what you have to say.

      3. I think it just depends on the group of people. I definitely understand your point of view. But I can also understand the other side. I don’t think this is a new movement. People have been doing this for years.

      4. Eh eh it grew out of style at some point but probably been going strong since ancient times unofficially. Would definitely say neither system is better than the other. Also a fear attached to multiple relationships today stems from how would you keep tabs on it? And abuse from polygamist compounds doesn’t help. Kinda uncomfortable with it being compared to being gay…maybe its because being gay still isn’t ok

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