The 5 Love Languages

So, my best friend and her girlfriend read this book and spoke highly about it. In general, I hate self help books, I just can’t get into them. However, just listening to my best friend, it definitely made sense and sounds interesting. But also, it sounds like it would be beneficial if both parties read it.IMG_9890

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do this with my girlfriend. But, then I found this and it’s a brief summary of what the 5 languages are and how to love your spouse accordingly.


Based on this, I would say I’m mostly physical touch. I’m not someone who requires a great deal of someone’s time. I like my “me time”. But I do require a lot of intimacy. Lack of intimacy makes me think something is wrong. I need kisses, and butt grabs, and cuddling. A lot of cuddling. I would say my girlfriend is more quality time. She loves to talk and I know communication is key but it’s not something I need. However, I do my very best to satisfy this need for her.

How would you rate yourself and your spouse? What efforts do you make to love your spouse in their language.


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