Girl Code: Protect your peace…

I’ve learned over the years that your persception of life directly controls your attitude towards it. What I mean by that is, if you’re a “woe is me” type of person with a negative outlook on life and you feel like bad things are constantly happening to you, chances are they are because you’re attracting it. I know this to be true because I was once that person. However, I’m doing the more optimistic, positive, and peaceful thing now-a-days. 

I speak often of my journey because, for one, you would have had to have been there to understand and now I’m here, still a work in progress, but I’m in a much better space than before. And, it wasn’t with out hardwork, brain training and positive thinking. But let me tell you something, no matter how hard you work and how optimistic you are, there are times when toxic people enter your space and tend to disturb your peace. You know these people. They are your friends, your family, your lover. They are people close and maybe even distant to you. You feel their negative energy well before they enter your space. Negative  Nancy, Killjoy Kim, Nagging Nita, Screwface Sam, Unsolicited Advice Ursela… the list goes on but you know these people. 

I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt because I once sat, for a very long time, on that side of the table. Hell, I still sit there from time to time ( I told you – work in progress). But, sometimes I’m in such a good mood, in such a good place, that I cannot allow that toxic vibe to disturb my peace. And then, at some point, there may come a time where you have to rid yourself of that toxic person. And I am here to assure you ladies that that is OK

This person could have been in your life for years. But, who needs someone who downs all their ideas, kills their vibe, and doesn’t nurish their soul?  The people you surrounding you should uplift you, they should be helping you grow. You should never not be growing.  If I’m sending you good vibes that’s absolutely all I want in return. It is most important that you realize: 

  1. You are in charge of your happiness. 
  2. Karma is REAL. Don’t do what you wouldn’t want to come back on you. 
  3. Your peace deserves to be undisturbed at all times. 

As painful as it may be to think that you have or can grow apart from someone you love and have loved for years it’s a grim reality. And it doesn’t have to be sad or painful. But you could be causing more harm than good by allowing pesticides and toxins into your flourishing garden! 

Girl Code Rule 102

Until next time…

With love,



6 thoughts on “Girl Code: Protect your peace…

  1. Greetings Tania!

    How wonderful to visit your space! I love the warm and loving vibes here, and reading this post just sent those petals in your picture raining down on my soul. Thank you. Yes, ma’am, toxic people breathe, and for sure, I have been on the toxic side of the table, too. The blessing is, like you, I decided to get up and make a conscientious choice to be loving and positive. It feels better. Life looks better. And we are better as a result of the decision.

    Tania, I love the part where you don’t linger on the bummer feeling we get oftentimes, when we make the decision to leave toxic folks behind. Me. I like to think of it as “being okay, as well. We shake it off,” the sad feeling, because toxic folks are guided, as are we all, by Spirit’s loving touch. They don’t necessarily have to have toxic futures for long either. We all advance at our own rates. Who knows…down the road, that toxic friend I left might be a rose garden next year! 🙂 Life playing out, I guess, in all of its splendor and crossroads.

    You inspire me! Keep writing…



    1. Claudi! It’s always a joy when you stop by. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. This has definitely been a topic near and dear to my heart. Also, welcome back from your hiatus. Hope to hear from you soon!

      1. Hola Tania!

        Thanks for the welcome back greeting! I so appreciate you and love hearing from you as well. I’ve enjoyed visiting a few other readings on your blog. Stay warm tonight and have a serene rest!

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