Here’s the thing: Accept all Love 

Now, we know this isn’t true. Let’s start there. However, I saw this on Instagram with some not so nice commends under it. One of the comments said ,” they are teaching that  this is ok” and that people don’t want to have to explain to their child what homosexuality is. Hmm. 

Alright. I’m just as compelled to speak out against homophobia with the same tenacity as I would racism. I was told that when you are not homosexual it is difficult to explain to children, it’s not something you want to have to explain to a child because that’s an “adult issue”. 

I will have to explain to my child why he or she has two mothers, when their classmates may have a mom and a dad. I plan on using a very simple child friendly explainations. People love differently, and that’s OK. In fact, I feel like this would only be a difficult task if you’re trying to explain to a child why this is NOT ok, yes? 

I remember in 3rd or 4th grade, I had a close make friend. At that age, I knew I liked girls. I admired girls at that age. And I knew he liked boys, not because he was extremely feminine but because he tried to tell me he could turn is penis into a vagina. I’m not sure how I knew this was “wrong” or different but I did. People these are actions and thoughts of a 3rd/4th grader. I was sheltered. I had no way of knowing of lesbianism. I had no one “forcing” these thoughts onto me. They were thoughts of a child. You can explain these things to your child in a manner that they understand. 

In fact, one comment stated something along the lines of they don’t want television advising that there is any other way to live other than straight, like, you don’t want real life shown to a child that everyone isn’t innately straight. 

I’m so over people and their judgements and their ignorance. Love is love. Embrace it. Let be love how they choose to love. It’s not your love to understand. Children are blank slates. They are products of their environment. I want a well rounded child. One who doesn’t pass judgement. One who is consciously aware. One who is kind. One who loves passionately.  Not a child who is raised to to believe false realities, like all people are born straight. 

Thoughts? If this were true, would you allow your child to see this? 

Until next time….

With love, 



15 thoughts on “Here’s the thing: Accept all Love 

  1. I saw the announcement re. the cartoon the other day, and I felt compelled to ask my inner circle, both those that do/don’t have children, what their take was. My take is that I wouldn’t have a problem with my kids seeing it…I see the task of explaining what they’re seeing no different than the ask of explaining why one person kills another in a movie – let’s face it, there’s a lot in the media that we, as parents, are bound to be questioned about by our children. The response from my friends was mixed, with some saying they’d let their kids see it while other said no – interestingly, some of the no’s were lesbians.

    I think a lot of people lose sight of the fact that tolerance is a learned behavior, and our kids don’t know they should hate or reject someone because they’re different unless they learn that in some manner – whether it’s at home or through peers. My youngest son didn’t even realize what it meant to be different from other kids in school (in terms of race) until he got to 3rd/4th grade – know why? Because I taught him to see a person for who they were, and that people of different skin shades were no different than him.

    As you said, love is love, and we’re only breeding continued generations that will be continually divided if we implant that intolerance in our babies….just my two cents 🙂

    1. I’m honestly surprised that your lesbian friends wouldn’t allow their children to see this. I strongly believe in allowing a child to find their own gender identity because their are such things as gender fluid children. Children who, at a young age, believe they are born in the wrong body. We know this as transsexual. However, with things like this we have to confront sexual orientation ! It’s apart of life, it’s like teaching love, marriage and equality and not acknowledging heartbreak, divorce and racism!

  2. Of course I’m letting my child watch this. If I wasn’t a lesbian I would still let them watch it.
    It’s scarier to raise a child to hate specific people than have them tell me they are gay.
    People still fail to realize that you can’t make someone gay. It’s just like telling a straight person to like the same sex. YOU CANT MAKE THEM.

  3. We have a 7year old foster daughter who has been with us almost a year now (on 3/28) and when she first came to live with us we had to explain to her why I wear boy clothes even though i’m not a boy, and why me and my wife then fiance Kiss so much. Why we share a room, and why we hold hands. So we explained it to her as simply as we could. I wear boys clothes because that is how i feel the most comfortable. And that we love each other. Sometimes Boy like girls and boys like boys, and sometimes girls like girls or girls like boys. And some people even love both, and that all families are very different. Like how it used to be just her and her mom. And that now it’s just the 3 of us, a special family, a different family, but a family with lots of love to share. Now, I’ve heard her several times say to people, “She’s a GIRL! It’s just more comfortable!!!!” or “Yup! My two moms!” It’s pretty awesome what kids absorb!

      1. When we first met her, she was taken aback because I dont think anyone told her that we were a lesbian couple, but ironically enough she’s a “fag hag” who has hoards of gay male friends. She actually told Mary that it’s ok and that people can love who they want to love as long as they take care of each other and are kind to each other. She was originally trying to get mary moved from our house to stay with a relative, but ultimately dropped it because she knew that Mary was in good hoe and that she was thriving and getting lots of attention. So she was actually really good about it and tell the case worker all the time how blessed she is that mary is in such a good home.

      2. That’s wonderful. I was in a foster class and the woman was saying how she absolutely won’t take a gay child. I’m like a child in need is a child in need.

      3. We really wanted to foster LGBT teens, but we won’t do that for a while. The age difference isn’t great enough and we fear that even though we are cool, and hip and smart, they may not respect us and think of us too much as their “friend”. We’ll wait till we are closer to 40!

      4. That’s a big reason why we didn’t bc here they didn’t have small children. My aunt is on her 4th child, emergency placement. But she was with a different agency. But she had teenage kids so she can have teenagers, which is what she usually has. But there are mostly teenage boys and being two feminine women (my best friend and I) weren’t comfortable because the boys can be bigger than us.

  4. I honestly feel by the time I have children and they’re in grade school it’ll be more common for a child to have parents who are the same sex. When I was younger, those classmates didn’t exist in my schools. But for my future children I wouldn’t think anything of it. I would want to watch the Disney film first so I know what I am showing to my child. I wouldn’t leave it up to Disney to raise my child(ren) and teach them morals, which I think is where the negative comments come from. Parents shouldn’t have to leave it up to a fictional cartoon to let your children know “these are the ways of the world…” Good topic!

    1. I agree but children learn the ways of the world about many things through Movies, music, other children. Well before their parent has or wants to approach many topics. Children out here know word for word every song on the radio and they may not know what they are saying but they’re mostly songs talking about a fat asses or twerking or someone spinning around a pole or having many baby Mommas and they are bumping their gums, singing along, learning these things.

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